Wednesday, May 13, 2015

An Update... And Some ART!

It took about eight days, but I've finally finished the read-through of the manuscript for my latest book, "The Eternal Undead," which is the conclusion of the "In the Time of the Dead" trilogy. I'm glad to report that while doing so, I didn't feel the need to rewrite huge portions of the thing, or cut out large swaths of text while pounding my temples asking, "Why the hell did I write this garbage?"


And now, I've got to send it off to my agent and my readers for their input. So have I finished reading the thing... at long last? 

No. Definitely not. 

But I can say that I have a bit of a break from it for now and I can focus on the interior images. You can see, below, the start to the first one readers will encounter as they read the book. It's a different style than the those in the other books, one that I am really digging. I'm about halfway done. When it's finished, I'll throw it up here for your perusal. 



Monday, May 4, 2015

This is the Week

Here I am. This is the week that I get to check out my book again. I've purposefully kept away from the tome for exactly one month so that I can check it out with a pair of fresh eyes, and today is the day that I re-read it for the final time before I send it off to my agent and readers. 

For those of you who want to know what is going through the mind of a writer (or really any creative person who has made something from nothing), I found this interesting piece that pretty much encapsulates it:

1.- This is awesome.
2.- This is tricky.
3.- This is shit.
4.- I am shit.
5.- This might be ok.
6.- This is awesome.

For every sentence I will be reading over, for every paragraph and chapter, those six steps will be going through my mind one right after the other... hopefully. Hopefully I will land on number six at the end. We shall see.