Tuesday, October 8, 2013


It's finally here! My novel, "The Zombie Axiom," (had to "bold" that, just had to) is on sale now on Amazon.com. You can grab it in either a paperback or digital format. I would check out both... there is something to be said for each version. Order yours now! Go here: Amazon.com get yourself a copy, and one for a friend, and one for... I don't know... a stranger? Check out the cover:

Here's a quick synopsis of the story:
A godlike, alien intelligence has transformed most of the world's human population into the walking dead, leaving only a handful of survivors to claw out a life amid the ruins, all the while fighting a mysterious necromantic villain and his zombie hordes.
In Northern New York State, three uncommon allies lead one of these bands in this epic struggle as they learn both the strengths and weaknesses of their enemies… and of themselves.

Pushed to their limits and holed up on a remote lake island, life has taken on a new normality. That is until the realization sets in that when winter arrives, all hell will freeze over. For it is then that the open waters of the lake, the only barrier against the unrelenting dead, will freeze. And the monsters will come. By the thousands…

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