Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Book 3 is DONE!

... and now let me qualify that sensationalist title. What is really "done" is the first draft for book three of the "In the Time of the Dead Trilogy." And by "first draft" I mean that I have written 100,000+ words, there is a beginning, middle, and an end, and it seems to be reasonably kick-ass.

With that said, I am now in the process of reading through the whole of the manuscript, checking for any little (or big) issues that may present themselves. This means things like, "Do I really need a comma there? Would that guy really say that?" and "Wait a minute, what day is that happening on? How could they get to the location they are in that short amount of time?" as well as, "Oh man, I completely do not remember writing this, did my kid get on my computer and hammer out these pages?" 

You know, stuff like that.

In a few days, after I'm done this read-through, I get to put the sucker on a shelf for a month! That's right, one month! And then, after that, I get to pick it up, dust it off, and attack it with a fresh mind... or as fresh as its going to get- which actually means it has a slight amount of moss growing on it along with an old, withered man in a loincloth walking around inside, banging on its walls with his cane, saying, "This sucks, sonny. Oh, yes, she sucks!" 

From there, I get to send it off to my readers and my agent. 

Now, lest you think I am sitting back and taking my leisure in those thirty days, let me assure you that I am only sort of doing that. In those intervening days, I shall be working on the cover and the interior pieces for the book. So... stay tuned! I'll be putting some artwork up here in a bit! 

Later gaiters. 

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