Friday, March 20, 2015

The Thing with Blogging

Ye gods, blogging is tough. 

Is it, though? I mean, you're a writer. You've written novels. You're writing one now. What's so big about writing a blog?

It's just... the TIME! You don't understand. It's just hard to think about sitting down to write a novel all day and then, somewhere in there, think about having to sit down even longer to write something in a blog. And it's not just the writing. It's the thinking up content; something that's going to be interesting for people to want to read. And what's the use anyway? Are my thoughts really so awesome, someone out there in the world wants to read them?  

Blah. Blah. Blah. Just write and stop complaining. 

I'm explaining. Not complaining.

Sounds like complaining to me.   

What you've just read is the conversation I have in my head when I think about blogging. I'm constantly going back and forth on whether it is worth having a blog when I have all these other ways of connecting with readers. There's the big one, Facebook, and then there is TwitterInstagram... and all the others. It's exhausting to think of trying to keep up with providing content for all those sites, writing and researching for my current and future books, doing the illustrations for those books, on top of blogging. It's just... yeah. A lot.

So is it worth it? Not really sure. I read everywhere that in order to have any kind of writing career, you NEED to blog. Is that true? Let me know your thoughts. As you can see, mine are engaged in a heated debate with no real decision in sight. But wait... here I am, blogging... that's gotta tell you something. Right?

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